The Vision Team

Sherwin G. Johnson Jr.

Chief Vision Officer – EVO Bahamas & The Bahamas Nightlife

Sherwin, or Jughead as he is known, came to disrupt the glass ceiling that is Bahamian business culture. From an early age Sherwin knew that he wanted to make a difference.

Born to Judy and Sherwin Sr. on April 21st, 1986, Sherwin grew up on the island of New Providence with his siblings and family like most normal carib families. He is a proud alumnus of The Bahamas Government High School where his self identification journey begun.

At an early age Sherwin identified what he wanted to do with his life, which was helping people. He understood his purpose and began his work with Bahamas Faith Ministries and Dr. Myles Munroe.

Over the course of many years Sherwin has helped many companies build, identify and grow to the successes you know them as today. Being the creative that he is, the idea of The Bahamas Nightlife was born. Actually, he was just bored one night and didn’t have anything to do.

Sherwin’s goal is to use The Bahamas Nightlife’s platform to firstly reintroduce The Bahamas to Bahamians and introduce Bahamian businesses to the world while empowering them to become better business owners and create better products.

Although he faced many challenges, his persistence shines through and is a testament to all those watching.

His motto is “I don’t just want an opportunity, I want to create opportunities”. Sherwin spends his time encouraging new business owners and educating them on what to expect. He is the President of Young Entrepreneurs of The Bahamas and hopes that he can leave a legacy of effective economy growth and empowerment.

Shakara Green

Vision Team Member/ Lunch Chronicles Host

Shakara Elizabeth Green affectionately called ‘Chia’ was born on the Island of Grand Bahama February 6th, 1986 to Shervin and Karen Green. Immediately they recognized that she had a mind of her own and would be a force for reckoning.

‘Chia’ attended Jack Hayward High school where she graduated in 2003 with 5BJC’s, 7BGCSE’s and 1 Pitman in Accounts. She had her first job at Arising Courier Services; briefly attended The College of The Bahamas with an attempt at a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology.

She considers herself shy; but, comes alive on stage; her love for Theatre and Music gained recognition through her membership of Pages of Life International (during teen years) and JNG Productions where she has travelled locally and internationally to appear on stage. She will appear on stage March 2018 in the stage play; “DA People Dem Court!”

She is a freelance writer and model. She hopes to write a best-selling book and direct an all-black cast. In her teens she wrote an online editorial for “The Source” Magazine. She is also the author of a devotional called Ponderpoint; an editorial previously featured in Enue Magazine, Bahamas Journal and National Voice Newspaper – 2011-2013. She is the mother of a 9year old Track Champion and a Sales Consultant at Fidelity Bank. She is also the host of the fb live break out show; “Lunch Chronicles” with Bahamas Night Life! Their first episode aired March 4th, 2018 and has already gained over 6k views and 1k shares.

Chia hopes to retire at the age of 40 – (although she turns 21 every year); travel to Africa and dye her hair blonde!

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